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Shawn McGovern is a highly esteemed Los Angeles (LA) guitar teacher and performance artist.  Shawn successfully teaches students of all ages from young children to adults, as well as all levels and styles of guitar such as:

Shawn is also an excellent resource also for performing artists and musicians who desire to improve their performing skills. Specifically, Shawn will often work with local performers on such important skills as improvisation, ‘shredding', soloing, and other specific guitar skills that the artist desires to perfect.

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Shawn not only provides guitar instruction from his centrally located office in Hollywood, California, but students may also request lessons at a location more convenient to them such as their home or office throughout the Los Angeles area.

So, if you are looking for fun, informative and convenient Los Angeles (LA) guitar lessons, call Shawn at 401.692.5468  or contact Shawn TODAY!

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"Shawn McGovern is one cool guitar teacher. He is patient, positive, and dedicated to making you better. His upbeat attitude is always encouraging, and his lessons are tailor-made for the student. The guy is creative, loves to teach, and does it very well. You cannot help but improve."

-Eileen Cullinane


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